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A complex web of federal and state laws govern financing and securities issues. Complying with these laws and regulations can be challenging for even an experienced business owner, let alone someone who is relatively new to the world of business.  The Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen represents public and private companies of all sizes, from emerging businesses to long-established corporations.  I provide guidance and counsel to business clients on complying with federal banking and securities laws, along with all applicable state and local regulations.

For more than twenty years, I have assisted business clients with all types of transactional matters, including those related to the offering of securities, the sale of securities and obtaining financing.  I have substantial experience in these matters, and bring both my legal acumen and practical knowledge to each transaction, advising clients and ensuring that they comply with all laws and regulations.

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Any business that sells publicly-traded stocks must comply with the strict financial disclosure obligations and rules under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Securities Exchange Acts of 1933 and 1934 and other regulations.  These laws, administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, are complex and often burdensome.  An attorney with substantial experience in securities compliance matters is often required to ensure that all laws are followed in offerings and financing arrangements.

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The Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen advises business owners, corporate boards and executives regarding compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and all other relevant state and federal laws and regulations. I have more than twenty years of experience assisting both private and public companies in securities and financing issues.  This includes performing due diligence to identify potential liabilities and risks, ensuring that all required disclosures are made, preparing private placement memorandums for unregistered offerings, designing and implementing internal controls to ensure timely and accurate filings and disclosures, assisting with OTC Markets listing and filing requirements, preparing Rule 144 letters, preparing registration statements and periodic reports pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act and assisting with federal and state notice filings for exempt offerings.

I work collaboratively with my business clients, forming a true partnership to ensure that the company’s best interests are protected and that their legal, financial and strategic goals are met.  I am readily accessible to my clients, offering honest, straightforward advice and counsel in a timely fashion.

Securities & Corporate Finance Attorney in Carlsbad and La Jolla, California

The Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen offers legal representation and advice regarding securities and financing issues for both private and public companies of all sizes. I have a deep understanding of both federal and state regulatory laws that enable me to assist my clients in complying with all applicable laws. Contact my office today to schedule a free initial consultation.