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Contracts govern nearly every aspect of the business world, from agreements with employees and vendors to transactions between businesses.  Because these contracts are so critical to a business’ success, it is vitally important to have the advice and assistance of a skilled business transactions attorney to help you negotiate, draft, execute and review these matters.  I have more than twenty years of experience handling a wide variety of business transactions.  With my substantial skill and base of knowledge, I assist my clients with their transactional matters so that they can focus on their business. 

At the Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen, I provide individual service and attention to each of my clients, giving them peace of mind in knowing that their transactional matters will be handled with the highest levels of professionalism and competence.  By thoroughly analyzing and conducting due diligence on each aspect of the transaction, I can give my clients an honest, realistic assessment of their proposed contract or transaction so that they can make the best decision for their business. My analysis encompasses not only the legal aspects of the transaction, but the financial and practical aspects as well, giving my business clients the fullest possible picture of the potential risks and rewards of a transaction.

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Contracts shape businesses in several ways

Business transactions can take many forms, most of which involve some type of contract.  A contract is an agreement, typically in written form, where the parties agree to do something in exchange for something else (such as perform a service in exchange for money).  Contracts are usually enforceable by law, as long as certain legal requirements are met.

Over more than twenty years of practice as a business transaction attorney, I have handled a wide variety of transactions and contracts on behalf of my clients, ranging from licensing agreements to commercial and residential leases, employment contracts, corporate reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements and business succession plans. I bring this wealth of experience to each of my clients, allowing them to benefit from my knowledge base as I review, investigate and analyze their proposed transactions. By educating my clients on their legal rights and options, I empower them to make informed decisions about the best course of action to pursue with regards to a given transaction.  Through due diligence, a thorough analysis of the transaction and skillful negotiation, I can protect your business’ best interests and reduce the risk of future legal disputes or the need for litigation.

Business Transactions Attorney in Carlsbad and La Jolla, California

The Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen focuses its practice solely on business transactional matters, giving our firm a unique advantage in advising clients on proposed transactions.  With attention to detail and a commitment to personal service, attorney Gretchen Cowen provides comprehensive legal representation to her business clients.  Contact her office today to schedule a consultation, available at no cost or obligation.