Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involve purchasing or merging with another company.  These types of transactions present a challenge, as they require not only a deep understanding of the legal issues but also the business aspects involved.  I have more than twenty years of experience handling mergers and acquisitions on behalf of my clients.  I offer highly skilled legal counsel to businesses seeking to acquire or merge with another company, combined with practical knowledge and experience to assist businesses in making the best decision regarding the proposed transaction.

As a sole practitioner, I can dedicate substantial time and attention to each client and each transaction. I thoroughly analyze each proposed merger or acquisition, performing due diligence to ensure that the transaction is in my client’s best interest.  With free initial consultations and a commitment to timely, effective service, the Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen is a premier mergers and acquisitions law firm in north San Diego.

Business transactions need thorough attention

Mergers and acquisitions are typically highly complex business transactions, which could involve the sale, purchase or merger of all or part of a business. These transactions often involve a number of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and bankers, in addition to the business owners themselves and any investors.  Because mergers and acquisitions often involve the sale or purchase of a publicly-traded company and because these transactions may implicate federal antitrust laws, they require the skill and assistance of a knowledgeable mergers and acquisitions attorney.

Stressed over a complex business transaction?

I can help.

Mergers and acquisitions can take many forms, from an outright purchase of another company to strategic alliances, asset-sharing agreements, complex licensing deals and asset sale transactions.  They often require financing to complete the transaction, making it all the more important to have an experienced business attorney who understands every aspect of mergers and

As an experienced mergers and acquisitions attorney, I analyze each aspect of a proposed merger or acquisition to make sure that it is legally sound and advisable from a business standpoint.  This involves performing due diligence, identifying potential problems and hidden costs, evaluating cash flow, obtaining information regarding employees, assisting with legal and regulatory compliance, preparing the necessary corporate governance documentation, drafting and negotiating the agreements, and obtaining the necessary approvals. Throughout the process, I provide insightful, strategic legal advice to help my clients achieve their goals through the merger or acquisition.

Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney in Carlsbad and La Jolla, California

The Law Offices of Gretchen Cowen offers high quality, comprehensive legal representation for clients in La Jolla and Carlsbad who seek to acquire or merge with another company.  With strategic legal advice and a thorough analysis of all of the legal issues involved, I work to protect my clients’ interests while moving the transaction forward to a successful closing.  Contact my office today to schedule a free initial consultation.