Sometime around 1986, I decided to go to law school, and I was determined to help businesses. I come from an entrepreneurial family and helping small businesses grow and get the funding they needed was a key interest for me. In law school, I concentrated on business organization, reorganization and securities law because I wanted to help businesses through all phases, including startup, funding, reporting and acquisition. 

After concentrating on business throughout my career, I decided to start this firm in 2005 as an opportunity for small businesses to get quality, hands-on advice and support while they implement their business plan and work on the day-to-day operation. From my perspective, your legal counsel, whether in-house or external, should work with you as a member of your team, familiar with your business and its particular needs. This knowledge helps not just with the routine matters, such as negotiating license agreements, employment agreements and leases, but with broader issues of disclosure and due diligence when and if the time comes for the business to seek outside investment or sell.

Since 1993 I’ve worked a diverse range of businesses, from a catfish farming operation to a space company. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of them and being able to work with their unique challenges.

I represent small local businesses throughout San Diego County, as well other companies throughout the state of California, with clients as far North as San Francisco. My practice covers a broad range of issues impacting businesses from the type of organization, to negotiating contracts, preparing private placement offerings, representing them with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and buying and selling businesses (mergers and acquisitions). 

I also represent officers and directors of businesses who need outside counsel to help them negotiate employment and other agreements with the companies they serve, and provide back-end consulting services to legal counsel on areas outside of their main practice areas as well as conflict work on issues where independent counsel is required for shareholders or members of management.

My approach is to develop long-term relationships with my clients by being an accessible, responsive and reliable resource when they need one so that they can quickly get back to running their business and making it successful. 


  • California Western School of Law, J.D.

  • Southern Utah University, B.S.


  • State Bar of California

  • US District Court, Southern District of California


  • North San Diego County Bar Association